John McCain Opposes Sony's Cancellation Of "The Interview"

There have been a number of headlines generated as a result of Sony's decision to cancel the screening of "The Interview". The company made this decision after its servers were attacked apparently in response to the movie. The company lost important personal and financial information as a result of the attack.

Warren: “I am Not Running for President”

While Elizabeth Warren has remained a hot choice for president, even before she became a US Senator, there have no signs of any future in the executive branch of the government for her.

Iggy Goes on Tour

Iggy Azalea held back the haters and picked herself up by her proverbial boot straps over and over again. She had had a stellar year in hip hop, and now she is giving fans something else to scream about. The "Fancy" singer is coming to a city near you with 24 concert dates.

Run Jeb, run?

Jeb Bush does not think that the Bush name has been tarnished by the greatest economic downturn in a generation that was instituted by his brother and his brother’s cronies. The torture report apparently also did not faze him or Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney will definitely torture again if given the chance according to him.


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