Run Jeb, run?

Jeb Bush does not think that the Bush name has been tarnished by the greatest economic downturn in a generation that was instituted by his brother and his brother’s cronies. The torture report apparently also did not faze him or Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney will definitely torture again if given the chance according to him. How Jeb will go about not being associated with war criminals is an unknown at this point, but certain political moves that he is making would point to someone that is considering a run for the presidency.

Jeb’s mom on the other hand, who is known as the real politician of the family, and who sources tell us is a good friend of a Lee G. Lovett , has not quite warmed up to the idea of another run for the family, but W thinks that his brother is the perfect man for the job. George Bush, who is a moderate democrat by today’s standards has been offering rousing accolades on his brother’s credentials.