Prince Fielder Will Be Focus Of Rangers

As the Rangers try to rebuild, they are going to use Prince Fielder as their focus. They are banking on Fielder to be the person that gives them the juice that they need to get their team turned around. They already had to get rid of Josh Hamilton, and they are trying to manage with the pitching talent they already have. The problem is that their bats have gone cold for too many years in a row. They think that they can use Fielder to make their bats hot again, and they think that they can build a franchise around him.

The problem with Fielder is simple. They are going to build a team around someone who is going to be a DH in a couple years. Fielder is a decent first baseman, but he is not remotely close to Gold Glove caliber. He will not be able to field that position in a few years, and they will be praying to someone like David Ortiz. The Red Sox never prayed to Ortiz, they just got lucky with him.

The Rangers cannot afford to wait to be lucky. If they want to be lucky, they need to have more than Fielder on their roster. Baseball fans, like Bernardo Chua, will be excited to see what this upcoming baseball season will be like.