Jared Haftel A Dedicated And Driven Individual

Jared Haftel is certainly a man that has shown that it is very possible to reach a person's full potential as long as they have a lot of drive and dedication. Jared Haftel was able to get his MBA at the Stanford school of business and he is a graduate of Duke University. It is quite possible that from a very young age Jared may have decided that he wanted to have a career in banking. Because of his love of science, mathematics, and economics he decided to get a bachelors degrees in all three of those subjects. Studying subjects such as those were key for him to be able to begin his career as an investment banker for some of the most well known companies in the world.

Jared Haftel began to do his internship before he even graduated from the University in 2008 at Credit Suisse. He was able to gain a lot of knowledge from his internship there and soon after he began to start his career. Jared Haftel was able to get a very promising job working with Merrill Lynch as investment banking analyst. Apart from working with Merrill Lynch Jared also was able to work for Bank of America as an investment banking analyst. Jared also was able to work as an associate for Vector Capital and he was able to help in all three of these positions in the tracking and handling of commodities. As an investment manager Jared was in charge of tracking large investment opportunities in areas such as chemicals, mining, aerospace, defense industries, and metals. All of these investments were very important to these high profile companies, and that is why they intrusted such decisions to Jared.

Through Jared's hard work and dedication he was able to land positions in industry leading companies. He was a very determined individual from a young age, and he knew that he wanted to be successful. With all of his success in his business endeavors Jared has still managed to keep a level head on his shoulders, and he has written many papers to others who are endeavoring to begin a career as an investment bankers, because he wants to help others to be able to find true success as well. Jared is really a great example of a person who through hard work and dedication has been able to achieve his lifeline life long goals.