Drew Brees Mocks Deflate-Gate

Now, if you are Drew Brees, you are not interested in drawing more attention to yourself in the scope of deflate-gate. However, it is funny when you make fun of the way Tom Brady likes his balls.

When Drew Brees talked about whether or not it would be harder to throw a deflated football, he was basically saying that he thinks it does not make a difference. However, it is hard to believe that a great QB could not throw any kind of ball they wanted. Drew Brees can chuck a ball into the crowd with ease, and it is possible that he could have been joking.

However, what if Drew Brees is saying that throwing the ball has nothing to do with it? It is possible that Brees is saying we should look at how easy it is to hold the ball. There are already studies out showing that the Patriots pushed through a rule to say that teams provide their own balls on offense which has been stated by many like Haidar Barbouti ,. Now, they are getting caught for messing with those balls. This is a problem for the NFL because it essentially gave the Patriots what they wanted, and now they are investigating them for cheating.