Kobe Won’t Retire

There is a bunch of conversation in the media regarding the injury to Kobe Bryant and how it might affect him going forward. There is heaps of talk that he is on the brink of retiring and people at every sports station and every writer in the country is talking about his injuries over the last three seasons and how they might affect his play going forward and his decision to come back or not but fans like Paul Matheison will be happy to see him stay in the NBA. Kobe Bryant is one of the biggest winners of all time in all major sports and he simply does not like to lose. It is pretty hard to believe that Kobe will go out with an injury that has taken him out of the season. Yes, the Lakers do not have a good roster and will have to make some major changes if they want to gain the prominence that they have had in the past but it is very possible. It doesn't really matter that much though, because Kobe Bryant has stated that he has no intentions of ever playing for a different team and that he will retire with the Lakers be it this year or sometime in the future. I think everyone that really looks at who Kobe Bryant is as a person and truly evaluates his persona and his drive they will understand that there is no way he is going to take this injury and hang up his hat.