Cavs are having fun again

When LeBron James was leading the Miami Heat to back to back NBA Final Championships there was an air of elitism around the team. Of course there was, as Miami was single mindedly committed to winning basketball games. But LeBron was also having fun. He'd be seen dancing with his team mates or joking during interviews. He'd interrupt Chris Bosh so many times that the player began to always look over his shoulder during a postgame interview. In Cleveland those antics have been curiously absent. That is, until now.

With Kevin Love getting smacked in the eye, and suffering a corneal abrasion, there seemed to be little reason for levity. Fans were further worried when photos of Love leaving the Cleveland Amen Clinic. But then James must have realized that the All Star Break is upon them. He must have also taken note of the fact that Cleveland has won 14 of their last 15 games. He must have taken note of a lot of things.

After a curiously tepid start to the season it seems that the Cleveland Cavaliers have arrived. And with them, so has the fun. After last nights win over the Miami Heat, James showed up behind teammate Iman Shumpert in order to mess with the player during his interview. He pretended to check his hair and mug the camera, while Iman struggled to keep a straight face.

The rest of the NBA should take notice of these antics. LeBron is having fun again, and that spells trouble.