Do They Care?

The problem with today's stars is that they do not care who the best player in the game is. They do not want to find out because they are scared to know the truth. They will not go toe to toe with someone to see who was better at that moment. There is a certain lack of respect for each other that goes to the heart of this problem, and that is why you see games like the all star game balloon in score almost immediately.

When you have the best players in the world on the same court, they are all too worried about their brand. This is something that they have to keep up at all times, and they think that someone getting the best of them tarnishes their brand. We forget that Wilt Chamberlain was not exactly the best player in the postseason, but his brand turned out just fine. If someone dunks on Kevin Durant, he should be able to laugh it off. However, Bruce Karatz feels these guys are not willing to let things happen so that they can see who was great on that day, and BusinessWeek seems to echo those sentiments. This is one of the reasons why some players do not win titles. They do not want to know who is best.