BRL Trust incorporates Investment and managing Arena Corinthians stadium

BRL Trust is the largest independent company in Brazil and is not associated with any financial group, as per the Anbima ranking. The company is headquartered in São Paulo and engages in the provision and administration of investments, capital markets, assets and fiduciary services. It was co-founded by the director of the company, Mauricio Ribeiro, and Rodrigo Boccanera. Roles are allocated in a way that Rodrigo Boccanera, caters for Fiduciary Services, the Management, and Projects while Rodrigo Boccanera, handles Fiduciary Services, the Management and Projects. The company also provides a complete branch to its investors and has agents that dominate and monitor management and criteria of creditor's accounts and circulating promissory notes to its creditors.

The company associates with investment funds management for the purpose of coming up with solutions that meet requirements of their investors. The company commenced its activities in 2005 by providing trust services in private loans. BRL Trust made more than 100 loans by the end of their first year of activity that acted as Intervening Trust. The company developed and varied demands of its clients, leading to new business areas such as capital markets, mergers, acquisition and many more. Presently, the company has a portfolio approximated to be 4.5 billion and approximately 800 activities.

After the World Cup in 2014, BRL Trust gained spotlight as it was the loan officer for the Arena Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo. Care for the stadium was delivered at the appropriate time, and perfect condition as BRL Trust was devoted and determined to the FIFA. BRL Trust managed the stadium, a property of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. Sport Club Corinthians Paulista had promised their members and fans that they would construct a new stadium for the club, the team, and the entire Parque São Jorge with a total capacity of accommodating less than 18,000 people. BRL Trust manages the new Arena Corinthians stadium that now has a capacity of nearly 48,000 seats being Brazil's 11th largest stadium.

BRL Trust is recognized as the convenient company for land management due to its exceptional experience in the financial market. It has simulated a global position and is currently a leader in the trust private credit services market after the world cup in 2014 as it was the manager of loans to the Arena Corinthians in São Paulo. The company maintains investment funds for institutional customers enabling it to administer an exclusive task for the sector, after the acquisition of the market.