Removing the Confederate Flag from State Capitol May Prove Daunting for Governor Haley

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley may end up facing an uphill battle to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the state capitol. However, it does appear she has momentum on her side. The House voted by a wide margin of 103 to 10 to bring up the matter for a vote. That said, in terms of committed votes to remove the controversial flag, only 50 members are on record saying they will vote to remove the flag. There are 9 members officially undecided and 46 others who have yet to issue a response to the stand they will take. Eight legislators in the House will vote against the measure.

At the same time, the senate has yet to put the matter on their legislative calendar. The current session will expire next week. However, Governor Haley has made it clear she will call the senate back for a special session to vote on the matter if they fail to do so during the regular session. Thus far, only 19 of the 45 state senators are on record as being in support of removing the flag. SteamBoatToday said that the governor will need to get a two-thirds majority in both chambers in order to remove the flag. One Republican member of the House said he was reluctant to oppose the measure five years ago, but he has not come out in favor of removing the flag after his colleague in the House lost his life in the Charleston tragedy.