New York Times Suggestion To Put Peas in Guacamole Sparks Outrage

Americans are passionate about their food. With states flinging friendly fire over who has the best guacamole and the popularity of food competition shows, it's clear that Americans care about what they eat and how they eat it. When the New York times tweeted a suggestion on Wednesday afternoon for its readers to put peas in their guacamole, a food which many Americans consider to be sacred, the tweet sparked a little more outrage and attention than the newspaper expected.

The tweet quickly went viral, despite the fact that the article it linked to was not new, and the idea to put peas in guacamole is not new. Perhaps the outrage- which appears to be mostly of the tongue-in-cheek variety- was sparked in part by the fact that peas are one of the green vegetables that are infamously despised by many children for their bland mushiness.

Reuters even said the tweet even sparked the attention of President Obama, who while not angry, remarked that he didn't trust or like the idea when a voter asked him for his opinion. Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush also chimed in, calling it a bad idea. As the story went viral, a number of people chimed in, including people saying that they were no longer going to subscribed, and at least one twitter user calling for the New Youk Times to delete their account. While the outrage may be exaggerated, one thing is clear, Americans don't like it when you mess with their guacamole.