Veteran Investment Group CEO Outlines Changes That Benefit Middle Class Investors

Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forefront Capital has decided to change the focus of his company's investment strategy. This decision arose out of several personally devastating encounters with the modern market.

The first disappointment was the revelation that investment diversification is increasingly possible only with vast wealth. Statistically, a majority of families have small amounts of savings, and little room for addressing future financial security. Second, Mr. Reifler has become aware of how insignificant a traditional investment like a 529 can be in light of the state of the modern economy. He recently discovered that an investment vehicle for his children's college has become virtually worthless. Finally, he recently inherited a family business, and was directed to invest it in the best vehicles possible. He found that embarrassingly few options were available.

The fact that most market investment options are geared toward people who make $200,000 annually, and are worth more than $1 million, has led Brad Reifler to shift his company's focus. Forefront Capital is now more inclusive to the dwindling American middle class. This company's investment options are now centered on compounding vehicles that are more attractive to people who have been affected by roadblocks in the market like the 2008 financial crisis, and resulting recession.

In a breakthrough contribution to Reuters, Brad Reifler outlines five principals for a new direction in investment. They are:

1. Goal-oriented strategies for investing that take risk and hidden expenses into consideration.
2. Making safety the ultimate concern with any investment.
3. Considering the stock market as only one “egg in the basket.”
4. Only consulting with money managers who earn trust.
5. Concentrating majority investment amounts in markets that achieve personal financial goals.

These points are presented with a preclusion of nuanced attitudes toward liquidity and personal profit.