Eucatex, Solutions For Furniture and Civil Construction Materials

Eucatex for quite a while now has been one of the major producers of quality world class furniture solutions, interior house finishing and paint manufacturer. The Brazilian-based company was founded in November 23rd, 1951 to utilize simple available eucalyptus raw material for its exquisite products. By the year 1965, Eucatex already had representative offices in several capitals in Brazil and Argentina. To expand their market and give room for their expansion, they thoughtfully established more offices in Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico and the U.S. making it a global company. They then resolved to add to their products paint manufacturing that catapulted them to 2nd place in the foreign market where they have a net contribution of 41%.

Eucatex has since produced low density and acoustic insulation materials, ceiling linings all forged from the eucalyptus tree. For better income, they ploughed back some of their output income to facilitate their production of high-density wood fiber panels which currently is the company’s primary product. Eucatex produces a total share of 16% in the Brazilian market through the MDP panels. It has a niche in furniture, civil construction materials, paint manufacturing, resin and peat. To ensure self-sufficiency, their increasing demand for the Eucalyptus made them establish a planted forest close by, a smart environmental friendly move by the company leaders.

On April 29th, 2005 Flavio Maluf was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex S.A. Where he currently serves as chairman of the board. He hails from Sao Paulo and is an entrepreneur cum engineer. Maluf attained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). He is also affiliated with Citibank, New York University and EASP with experience in accountancy, foreign exchange and trade principles and people management. Maluf was in office when Eucatex was awarded the Most Admired HR Professionals in Brazil. This shows his professionalism alongside with the other executive leaders.

Eucatex is celebrated for their ethics and transparent leadership that has seen their growth and development over the last two decades. The company has bagged several awards for quality products attributed to their willingness to research and go the extra miles giving them a competitive edge. In 2012, they received the Petrobras Customer Rating Award Paint and Paintwork Award. 2013 also had them in the print media in Projecto Design Magazine Top Brands. Their forestry wing also landed them an accolade on sustainable development. They are currently welcoming any partnerships pertaining to the expansion of their eucalyptus forest reserve. This will enable the neighboring farmers fully utilize their farms with increased income.

Eucatex group has undisputedly domineered the furniture market with their cutting edge products made with great prowess.