Brazilian Literature Becoming an International Affair

Since the 1500s, Brazil has seen the emergence of literary legends that have over the years penned down works about their beautiful land and their rich culture. These icons have developed and made the Brazilian literature an international affair. Their work has mainly been in the Portuguese and the Brazilian language, but young authors like Michel Laub have had their literary works translated into English to reach a wider audience. The translation of their work has ensured that the country has been represented fully when it comes to literature. Some of these literary giants have had their works adapted for films and screens. Jorge Amado active from 1912 to 2001 can be considered the most loved author in the history of Brazilian literature. His major works such as the Dona Flôr and her Two Husbands were adapted for screens.

Another literary icon that has sprung from this beautiful land is Jamie Garcia Dias; this notable author has bagged several literary awards and boasts of having twenty published books under his belt. His famous works such as the Fell from Heaven, Canal, Two Ways, Clouds and Tiny has seen him win five of such awards. Mr. Garcia realized his love for literature at a very young age, his father, Arnaldo Dias; a notable journalist gets all the credits for nurturing the young Garcia’s passion for writing. Mr. Dias began writing his first book at the age of fifteen; Mr. Dias would later join Carioca Literature Academy as a teacher, teaching students who aspired to study literature.

Women have not been left behind in hoisting the Brazilian literary flag high. The incredibly known female author Adriana Lisboa, born in Rio de Janeiro and resides in Colorado has had numerous success as an author. Her works involve the documentation of experiences of interacting with other cultures as a result of travelling, examples of such works by her is the Carvalho’s, mainly centered on characters moving in diverse cultures and languages. Her most recent work is the Crow Blue a novel that she did in English.

Paulo Coelho can be considered the top-selling author of all time; he had a rocky beginning as a writer, his parents committed him to a mental institution due to his rebellious nature. He managed to get through the challenges and rose to become the best-selling Brazilian author of all time. Among his famous literary works include the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept and the Alchemist. Moacyr Scliar is also a major figure in the Brazilian literature, he mainly wrote about the Jewish experiences during their stay in Brazil. Moacyr Scliar grew up in Porto Alegre a town known for its massive German population during the colonial period. His literary work dwelt mainly on the lives of the German-Jewish people trying to live in Brazil a country with diverse cultures.