John McCain Opposes Sony's Cancellation Of "The Interview"

There have been a number of headlines generated as a result of Sony's decision to cancel the screening of "The Interview". The company made this decision after its servers were attacked apparently in response to the movie. The company lost important personal and financial information as a result of the attack. reports that the attack is currently being pinned on North Korea. The country has been opposed to the movie which depicts the leader of that country being assassinated in it. Since the hack appears to have worked in getting the movie scrapped from being seen, some are saying that this is a dangerous precedent to set. Senator John McCain is among those who have said this.

Their main point is that by not screening the movie, you are essentially giving the hackers exactly what they wanted by doing this hack. It doesn't really matter if the hackers turn out to be from North Korea or if it is determine that this was an inside job. Andrew Heiberger is right. Regardless, by not screening the film, the hackers are getting their demands met. John McCain and others are saying that this is not the way to respond to those who threaten you.

Instead, McCain would like to see the movie screened and the freedom of speech appreciated in this country. It is his great hope that people will go and see the movie and appreciate the fact that they can criticize the leaders of other countries without fear of death or jailing.