Transparency Backfires for McDonalds

In an attempt to put the public’s mind at ease and gain more customers, McDonalds launched a transparency campaign to show the world exactly what goes into their famous foods. That campaign has backfired on the fast food chain and has uncovered the ugly secrets of flavor enhancers, antibiotics, antidepressants, fillers and dyes in their food that may turn the stomach of even the most dedicated Big Mac fan.

The transparency campaign reveals the silicone sulfate is used in their bread products, Igor Cornelsen says it’s also used to makes pesticides and fertilizer, according to Mashable

The silicone oil used to make chicken nuggets is also used to make contact lens.The flavor enhancer, L-Cysteine, is made from human hair and duck feathers. Propylene Glycol, which is an ingredient in anti-freeze, is used in several of McDonalds fast food menu items. Traces of the antibiotics and antidepressants which were given to the livestock while they were alive showed up in the finished product that was served to customers in the little cardboard container. Food dye derived from Cochineal beetles and filler made from wood pulp are also in many of McDonald’s offerings.

Instead of asking customers if the want fries with that, perhaps the fast food joint should alert the customer that the bag their food comes in will also double as a barf bag in case of an emergency.