Another Bush in Office?

The Bush legacy has spent 12 years inside of the White House as President of the United States. This includes one four-year-term for George H.W. Bush, and two four-year-terms for his son, George W. Bush. Now, it is possible there is going to be another Bush in the office. At least, he is looking towards running for president. Jeb Bush, another son of George H.W., is looking at running for the Republican primary in 2016. Since announcing that he would run, he has become the Republican frontrunner. Should he win, it could make the Bush line of presidential family members the largest in terms of immediate family in the history of the United States.

In a recent poll, 23 percent of all Republicans said they would vote for him over other candidates. This is far higher than any of the other individuals said to be running, as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is currently at 13 percent of the votes, with the rest of the voters currently looking at other candidates. This is usually how initial primaries run, as a large group of individuals throw their hats into the ring.

One of the reasons that political science expert Sam Tabar thinks that Jeb Bush might prove successful running for president is the fact that he would have a good chance at winning the state of Florida, a state he was governor for.