High Quality Spinal Care

Spinal surgery is and always has been an integral part of American neurosurgery. Interestingly enough, spinal surgery progressed from surgeries such as decompression procedures to spinal reconstruction in the last quarter century. Due to the rapid advances in this field, many things were learned in the process.

Advances in technology such as the tech boom of the 1970s helped spark wonders such as computerized spinal tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. With these progressions, many institutions have grown to shape the world of spinal surgery into what They know it as today. Furthermore, growth in the industry ignited a surge in medical graduates as well as the cost of the treatment of spinal disorders.

Back pain and spinal disorders have since reached extremely high demand. Thus, quality treatments have only increased in cost as well. However, as costs skyrocket, this has a negative impact on the economy. The result is institutions competing for business by lowering the quality treatments, thus lowering the cost (or vice versa). These low quality, low cost treatments appeal to the public because they’re perceived as more affordable, yet these procedures do more harm than good since the risk of a botched procedure increases.

The risks associated with low quality, low cost spinal treatments include headaches, herniation, excess bleeding, and cysts. In rare cases, poor surgeries result in certain accidental implanation of tissues , paralysis, severed nerve endings, and poor psychological outcome.

The clear solution to low quality, low cost spinal treatments is high quality procedures. Although the cost of the procedure is higher, the risk of a poor outcome is lowered significantly. It is recommended to consult high quality spinal experts such as North American Spine (NAS).

NAS is a spinal surgical facility specializing in minimal invasive spinal care. What makes NAS unique is its AccuraScope DND procedure for the lumbar spine, which takes the least invasive approach possible. Moreover, with the AccuraScope, highly trained physicians are able to directly target inflamed and damaged tissues, alleviating pain and treating the issue at the same time. This practice allows the patient to go through a spinal surgery with minimal risk. Furthermore, NAS offers more treatment options to patients than any other group because their minimally invasive approach is extremely versatile.

In addition to NAS’ unique procedure, it brings together spine specialists from several fields, including Orthopedic Spine, Neurosurgery, and Pain Management dedicated to the relief of chronic back pain. With multi-directional approach to recovery, it is clear to see why NAS is the high quality choice for individuals that require a spinal surgery.

With companies like NAS available for treatment of spinal injuries, individuals suffering from back disorders and injuries may take advantage of the high quality, minimal risk procedures available.